How is it done?

Eco-Print, or Botanical Print, is a complicated process involving plants, metals, fabric, and steam. Leaves are laid on the fabric which is then rolled around a rusty piece of iron rebar, and steamed for several hours. The iron in the rust helps to bring out the pigments in the leaves and fix them to the fabric.  Background colors are natural dyes derived from roots, barks, berries, or flowers such as madder, weld, and cochineal.  When these natural dyes are combined with metals such as iron, aluminum, and copper an endless array of colors are created, even though only a few natural dyes are used in this process.

Each one is unique and no 2 pieces are alike.  It is always an exciting surprise to open these bundles to see what nature has created. The botanical signatures of plants, leaves, and flowers are preserved in the fabric. This magical combination is true alchemy!