Meet the Artist

Shanna Rose is an avid gardener, craftswoman, and fiber artist. With her “10 green thumbs”, she has planted orchards in Hawaii, lush vegetable gardens in Oregon, and grows perennial flowers for pollinators. She has dabbled in oil paints, watercolors, decoupage, batik, and surrounds herself and her home with hand-made beauty, plants and flowers. Once she learned how to Eco-Print, however, she felt as if she had come home, and immediately knew that she could immerse herself in this magic of plants, leaves, natural dyes, and silk for the rest of her life. Her passion for this work arises from her love of the beauty of the natural world and deep respect for the forests.

Shanna’s dye studio is a Tiny House on a trailer outfitted perfectly for Eco- Printing. Each time she walks in her studio with her fiber art hanging as inspiration – it makes her smile.

Shanna makes her home in a beautiful valley ringed by mountains in Southern Oregon, and spends winters on her Hawaii property Pua Mana where she has 10 Top Bar Beehives, and over 50 tropical fruit trees.

“Listen to the trees as they sway in the wind… Their leaves are telling secrets.

Their bark sings songs of olden days as it grows Around their trunks, and their roots give names To all things.

Their language has been lost but not their gestures.”

– Vera Nazarian

How the company began….

Here is the story of how she came to be on this path. It’s a good story… Shanna was visiting family in New Mexico and decided to visit an old friend that she hadn’t seen in over 15 years. They had been neighbors raising their children among the creeks and hills a long time ago. She drove up towards Taos and off onto a dirt road through a tiny village and into the National Forest, and found Mary in her tiny adobe next to the river. Once Shanna saw her work she was stunned! Mary graciously offered to teach her this complicated process at her outdoor studio by the river over an open fire, and in those 3 days they lived, breathed, and talked eco-prints, leaves , trees, and life. The 2 women have continued to stay connected online, and Mary has coached Shanna patiently as her skill level has slowly increased through experimentation. Shanna will be forever grateful to Mary’s introduction to this art process. Mary’s work can be seen at

What a life eco-print has brought to this artist! Collecting the leaves is such a joy, from walking in the trees near her home, to visiting friend’s orchards, taking an excursion to the beautiful Lithia Park in Ashland, to stopping on the side of the road for those specially shaped black walnut leaves… Shanna will never view trees in the same way!